DJ Bongo Girl

FREE DJ SERVICE INCLUDEDtoronto wedding dj

Our Toronto wedding band packages always include Free DJ service to cover all times the band is not performing.

This included service offers the best of both worlds. A fantastic Live Band & Live Toronto Wedding DJ all-in-one professional, affordable package.

You pay only for the live performance – DJ BongoGirl is included FREE with the live wedding band performance.

The combination of our live band with FREE live mix DJ servicel is unbeatable! It not only ensures that you will never have any silent or empty spaces, but also that ALL requests can be covered.

Any requests that the band does not have in their huge repertoire can be covered during the DJ portion of your wedding music package.

Our All-Inclusive package with Live Band + Live DJ combo can help keep the cost of your music to a very affordable level. You can maximize the live band experience by utilizing the free DJ service at times when live music may be less necessary or that DJ music might be preferred.

We will work with your schedule, your vision, and your budget – and deliver the most dynamic mix of live show and DJ sets to make your event unforgettable !


DJ BongoGirl

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DJ BongoGIrl


DJ BongoGirl is a.k.a. Diva Vocalist Heather Arden Roy. who remains on stage to DJ whenever the band is not performing.

DJ BongoGirl has a huge catalogue of music that she will mix live, on-stage, with the same high energy, fun and approachable style she uses while performing.

DJ BongoGirl will play music appropriate to the moment – whether for a portion of the cocktails or dinner, for awards presentations or introductions, or for the last hour or so of dancing – DJ Bongogirl has all the right music to complement our live performance.

BongoGirl will also play bongos, congas and other percussion over some of her dance tracks for a cool downtown club vibe.