Live Dinner Music

The Royz Band is renowned for our specialized and unique “Supper Club” approach to providing music over the food service portion of your event.

Live dinner music creates a beautiful atmosphere, the audience response is always amazing and it can completely set the tone for the evening. We constantly receive calls, comments, emails and thank you letters from our clients stating that their guests were raving about the live dinner music for weeks after the event.

Whatever style of live dinner music that you choose we guarantee that your guests will be surprised and delighted by the variety and our musicality.

Best of all, you can simply use one or more of your live performance package hours in your affordable package pricing to cover all or part of the dinner service, so you don’t have to book an extra hour to have this unique and classy addition to your event.

Dinner Dancing

Picture an elegant Supper Club from the movies where guests are dining, talking and dancing all night. The Royz Band offers a modern version of this timeless format that simply “wows” guests from all age groups and cultures.

A typical dinner service will be anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, so many clients want to encourage guests to dine, dance and enjoy all night, rather than waiting until after dinner to begin dancing.

In this format we will coordinate with the food service to encourage dancing until the next course is served, at which point we go back to background music until that course is finished, and so on.

Our Fabulous Supper Club music will be an elegant mix of light musical styles such as Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Norah Jones, Diana Krall and all the other wonderful music styles that are suitable for dining and dancing. We can sing in Italian, Spanish and/or French, as well as perform some very hip “unplugged” styles that will appeal to everyone.

Background Dinner Music

If you prefer your guests wait until after dessert before hitting the dance floor, then the live dinner music can be totally background and designed for entertainment only.  Styles that fit this ambiance would be classical, jazz, and all other “easy listening” music styles.

We will co-ordinate with the food service so that the music follows the flow of the dinner. At certain times the music will be totally in the background, to encourage conversation. At other times the music can come forward so that your guests will have a live performance to watch and enjoy while waiting for the next course.

DJ Dinner Music

Of course, if you prefer, we can also simply DJ during your dinner service and you can save all your live performance hours for the dance portion of your event.

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