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Toronto Musical Services

Most events require a variety of musical services to cover their entire event from guest arrival through last call. The Royz Band provides a wide range of Toronto musical services to fill all your needs.

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Dance Music

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The Royz Band has a huge repertoire and wide versatility, which allows us to create a unique feel that is tailored to your exact vision for all the musical services needed for your Toronto event.

Many events have separate sections such as cocktails, dinner, speeches or presentations followed by dancing. Each of these musical services require a very specialized musical approach with regards to styles of music and dynamics.

If your event requires several different elements, we will provide a seamless flow from each element that is cohesive and yet completely different in texture and music styles so that each portion feels like a separate performance.

If your event is entirely one style, i.e. a cocktail party with no dancing, or conversely a full on dance party with no other elements,  The Royz Band will deliver an awesome performance that will create the perfect ambiance and musical services for your unique vision and needs.

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Performance Packages

EXTREME FLEXIBILITY, VERSATILITY AND VALUE The Royz Band offers the best Toronto live band price with our unique All-Inclusive Packages. Our unique All-Inclusive package offers the ultimate in flexibility and affordability. Our package is designed to cover your entire event, from guest arrival until last call. Our basic performance package starts with four hours of …

Toronto Cocktail Music

Toronto Cocktail Music The Royz Band will supply the perfect Toronto Cocktail Music mix to complement the mixing and mingling of your guests. The Royz Band offers many different options to make your cocktail party the talk of the town , whether you are planning a cocktail-style reception or the cocktails are the opening portion of your event. …

Dinner Music

The Royz Band is renowned for our specialized and unique “Supper Club” approach to providing music over the food service portion of your event. Live dinner music creates a beautiful atmosphere, the audience response is always amazing and it can completely set the tone for the evening. We constantly receive calls, comments, emails and thank you letters from …

Dance & Party Music

The Royz Band will excite, charm and thrill your guests with our high energy and our fun and approachable entertainment style. We will coax everyone to relax, have fun, and just dance, dance, dance from your guest arrival right through to last call. The Royz Band will create the perfect volume, staging, lighting, look, sound, …

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DJ Bongo Girl

FREE DJ SERVICE INCLUDED Our Toronto wedding band packages always include Free DJ service to cover all times the band is not performing. This included service offers the best of both worlds. A fantastic Live Band & Live Toronto Wedding DJ all-in-one professional, affordable package. You pay only for the live performance – DJ BongoGirl …

Our Philosophy & Guarantee

We believe that dedicated musicianship, outstanding customer service and experienced event planning should all be delivered together to our clients … in one simple package. We believe that the excitement of live performance should be perfectly balanced with DJ music for the ultimate event experience … in one affordable package. We believe that having the …